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                 Cremation In Florida Medical Examiner - Coroner  Arrangement
                                          Simple Direct Cremation
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                                                        $ 1500                                      

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           This arrangement is for when your relative is at a Medical Examiner's office.

This arrangement includes:

* Family member working one on one with one of our directors.
* Transportation of deceased from Medical Examiner.
* Necessary refrigeration of the deceased.
* Medical certifications, authorizations & Fees
* Alternative Container. (Alternative to a casket, required by law)
* Cremation procedure.
* Container for cremated remains ~ "Ashes".
* One certified death certificate.
* Return of Ashes in the 48 States per US Postal Service guidelines.


This is designed to keep a difficult time as simple as possible. If you are unsure about your desires, if the loss was not planned and you are not sure what you want, take time to pause and communicate with the inner circle of your family.  If  you are sure of your family's desire for cremation and simplicity, this option is the best choice.  American Heritage Cremation Society is ready to assist you. Let our expertise keep a difficult time simple.

Comparison for Simple Cremation.

* Does the "Simple Cremation" include everything necessary ?
* Does the price include transporting the deceased from Medical Examiner ?
* Is the charge for refrigeration of the deceased included ?
* Is the alternative container included in the price ?
* Does the price include any death certificates ?
* Does the quoted price include Medical Examiner fee for cremation approval ?
* Does the quoted price include the plastic container for the cremated remains ?
* Does the quoted price include shipping of the cremains ?


American Heritage Cremation Society includes all of the above.

What am I not asking?

* Cost for additional Death Certificates?
* Must I buy something Else for this price?
* Will I work with the same person throughout the arrangement?
* Will I be Responsible for any other Fees?
* Must I run an obituary?
* Can I see a contract?   Included on page 4 below

  • Pinellas - Pasco Medical Examiner - Verbal
  • Hillsborough Medical Examiner-Written Release
  • Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion, Sumter - We draw up Written Release
  • Volusia, Seminole, Sebring, Highlands & Polk - We draw up Written Release
  • Manatee County - Written Release

                                After our Services have been Engaged:



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